Bugs Northwest serves Grants Pass, Merlin, Rogue River, Cave Junction, Central Point, Medford, Ashland, Shady Cove, Klamath Falls, Roseburg and Brookings.

Bugs Northwest offers you protection all year long!

This is a part of the evaluation process, we look for areas that are open to potential problems and include them in our report. Our protection plan is customized to the severity of the problem and the level of protection you want. From insect infestations, termites issues, rodent and wildlife problems, Bugs Northwest offers you the protection you deserve for you and your family.

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Pest Control

Carpenter ants and termites are the two most common culprits that do structural damage and can eat away your equity in your home. If these invaders are not controlled, it can leave you with costly repairs. Bed bugs are another problem that has recently escalated according to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

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Rodent Control

You may have had rats and mice as one of your pets in your lifetime, but we are talking about the type that carry disease. These busy creatures can get into your attic, chew wires, build nests in your walls, get into your food supplies and breed colonies under your crawlspace, leaving droppings that with direct contact can spread disease.

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Wildlife Management

We love wildlife, but sometimes certain critters can become a nuisance and even out of control. Certain steps may need to be taken to protect your home and surroundings. Some common pests may be squirrels, opossums, bats, mice, rats, raccoons, skunks, birds and more. For more information see wildlife services.

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