Green Management

Pest Infestation Prevention - The Green Way

Protecting your home using nature’s insecticide.

As a professional Pest Control Operator, Bugs Northwest is continually making steps to minimize the risk of pesticides to people, pets and the environment. We offer a product called EcoPCO®. This earth friendly approach contains an active ingredient that is a blend of plant oils that targets a broad spectrum of pests. EcoPCO® has been university and field tested and proven to kill and control differently than other conventional and natural insecticides. The active ingredient affects a key neurotransmitter found only in insects called octopamine. Insects depend heavily on octopamine because it is instrumental in regulating many basic functions, such as heart rate, muscle coordination, feeding, and their “fight or flight” survival mechanism.

Bugs Northwest has additional green solutions for controlling bug infestation with a line of products from our Green-Line Pest Services division. Bugs Northwest has engineered a system to control and target insects, preventing them from entering your home. It's as if you placed a green shield around the perimeter of your home.

If your building structure and condition qualifies favorably for the use our Green-Line method, it can make a huge difference. Call Bugs Northwest and we can evaluate and explain our system.

Some restrictions may apply for best application method of these services.