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Sugar Ants and Carpenter Ants - They Invade. They can cause damage.

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Ants can bite, sting, contaminate, and you find them when you least expect it. When you have an ant problem there are some things to watch out for. Sometimes setting out poison can be dangerous to small pets, spraying aerosols can lead to over spray and depending where you're spraying, that also could be a concern.

Ants can enter through tiny cracks, seeking water and sweet or greasy food substances in your kitchen or pantry. If you have ever wondered why the ants go marching one by one, it's because they leave a chemical trail which contains pheromones for others to follow. When they find the food or water source – that's when they get busy!

Nests can be found just about anywhere: in your walls, under your house, in trees, stumps, wood piles – any place they feel safe. Colonies can number up to 300,000 to 500,000 and can move quickly to relocate when threatened.

Carpenter ants are large with a vice-like grip for a jaw. The queen has wings during mating and can show up when you are lease expecting. These guys are bad news. They cut channels through decaying wood to form their nests, providing passageways. They actually feed on a variety of food people eat - particularly sweets and meats.

They also will feed on other insects. If you see a colony of carpenter ants, there is more than likely to be an underlying problem such as an area that has suffered extreme moisture.

If gone undetected for long periods of time, carpenter ants can, and probably will, cause problems. Bugs Northwest highly advises you to seek a professional to help you contain these colonies in the event of an infestation.

Bug infestations can become problems and health hazards

Bugs Northwest can lay down the armor to help protect your family.

Bugs Northwest is trained to look for problem areas. We look for the places bugs like to hang out and then we cause them grief.

That's right, we make your bugs go away!

Bugs Northwest will inspect, advise and follow through with a plan that is tailored to you particular situation. Bugs Northwest offers year round protection services if you choose, or we can address the situation immediately if you have a problem. Keep in mind that not all infestations can be exterminated the first time. There are life cycles to consider with new egg or larva stages that can propagate very quickly if not treated correctly.