Structural Repair

Bugs Northwest will treat and fix the problem

When wood destroying organisms like termites, beetles and fungus infiltrate your home, they damage your structure.  Unless the organism is eradicated and the damage repaired, it will continue to compromise the safety and integrity of your home. A few common symptoms of obvious structural problems can be sagging floors over a crawl space, cracking drywall and sticking doors. This can be caused by lack of support, or your home’s support system has settled into the ground because of excessive moisture, you may have a possible insect infestation or moldy and rotting wood. Keep in mind that conditions like this are ideal for a breeding ground of termites and other wood destroying bugs. Conditions like this can also lead to musty odors filtering up through the living space in your home (see mold remediation). If these issues continue to go untreated, it can compromise the structural integrity of your home and more than likely cause you additional expenses.

A quality inspection is like preventative maintenance

Sometimes homeowners can be caught off guard, not realizing that there is a problem until it festers and escalates to the obvious. Many times, problems may be attributed to an inherited home or rental property which has not been maintained, or simply due to the age of the structure. If you suspect that you have an issue caused by insects, dry rot, or moisture problems, then we recommend you have an inspection. Whatever the problem, Bugs Northwest will inspect and recommend a solution for you.

Sometimes structural damage can get quite extensive and homeowners may be fearful that their home will never be the same.

Bugs Northwest’s President, David Mays, is a fully licensed, bonded and insured, Oregon state contractor. Our professional carpenter and technicians will remove and fix the damage to your home and you can be confident that the work will be done correctly, according to state and local building codes.

Taking care of damage as soon as possible will ensure it doesn’t spread, and it will help to keep your costs down as compared to letting the problem continue. Bugs Northwest will make a thorough inspection and give you a written estimate for treatment and repairs.

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